Street Pianos

We've received two upright pianos from generous donors to paint, weatherproof, and install as public art projects in Downtown Haverhill! We also have two artists lined up to deck them out in fun, colorful, eye-catching designs! This temporary public art project will have a lasting impact on Downtown Haverhill by providing an accessible, interactive way to bring music and color to the streets!
When will the pianos be installed?
You may have noticed one piano in Washington Square at the beginning of June. Unfortunately, our project team did not have time to seal the piano properly before four days of downpours took their toll on the piano. We had to remove the piano and re-think how best to protect the next one from the elements.

Where will they be installed?<br> The project team is in the process of obtaining permission to install one piano in the MVRTA Parking garage on Granite St, where it will be protected from rain and snow. The other location is still TBD.

How long will they be displayed for?
The pianos will be displayed for as long as they hold up! As soon as wear and tear (from use and weather) becomes a danger to the public, or when the pianos are no longer able to be tuned, they will be removed.

If I donate, will my donation be acknowledged anywhere? Yes! Your name/business name will be displayed in the sponsor tab here on this web page so the world will know you helped make it happen!
April 18, 2017
We've lined up local artist Greg Moutafis to paint one of the pianos! Greg's work is a colorful, graphic style that will really stand out! Check out his artwork HERE!

March 8, 2017
Thanks to some kind donors who helped cover the cost of delivery, we now have the pianos in our possession! They are being housed at the Cogswell School in Bradford, home of the soon to be Cogswell ArtSpace. Thank you to the Carvalho Family, the Grassie's and Team Haverhill, and Tom Ellis Life Coaching for your generous donations!