Downtown Parking

There is a charge of $.50 per hour parking in city-owned parking lots in downtown Haverhill from 8 am to 8 pm Monday to Friday.  Parking is free on Saturday and Sunday. Parking outside of these hours is free in those lots.  Parking at the MVRTA garage on Granite Street is $1.00 per hour.  In addition on-street parking on Washington Street, Essex Street, Granite Street, and Wingate Street is $.50 per hour from 3 pm to 8 pm and is strictly limited to two hours.

Downtown parking permits are available for city owned parking lots and monthly parking is available in the MVRTA garage.

City of Haverhill Parking Map

Haverhill MVRTA Parking Garage


Haverhill MVRTA Parking Garage
This garage includes over 300 spaces and is conveniently located adjacent to the Haverhill Train Station. The gated entrance is located on Granite Street.


Parking Rates

Day Rates Night Rates (5 pm until Midnight)
0 – 1 hour $1 0 – 3 hours $1
1 – 2 hours $2 3 – 6 hours $2
2 – 4 hours $4 6 – 9 hours $3
4 – 18 hours $6
18 – 24 hours $8
Lost tickets pay full 24 hour rate.

Monthly Parking
Inquire in the garage’s office.

Using The Garage

  • Gated entrance and exit is on Granite Street.
  • At entrance, press button on kiosk to receive your ticket and the gate will rise.
  • Before returning to your car, stop at the payment kiosk in the first floor lobby.
  • Insert your ticket into the payment kiosk and pay the indicated amount by credit card or cash.
  • The payment kiosk will issue you a ticket to be used when exiting the garage.